This is just a follow up to my first eggshell pendant video.
In this re-make I will be showing you a use for all of the shell scraps.


I was making a ton of these pendants and slowly realized how much was wasted… so I decided to crush them up and use them in the pieces. You can use the crushed pieces alone or with larger pieces for a mosaic piece.


Egg shells that were cleaned and dried (membrane removed)

Alcohol Inks (ADIRONDACK brand)

Aleene's Tacky Glue (and an old brush to brush it on with)

Wooden Shapes ( link: )

Glaze – I use diamond glaze but you can try alternatives and let me know how they work out for you.


Hanging the pendants…

You can use glue on jewelry bails for the back or drill a hole with a hand drill and add a jump ring. Hand drills can be found in your local art store in the woodworking section- the wood shapes would be in the same section. Power drill may also work but the speed may ruin the egg shells.

After you drill a hole just add a jump ring and you will be ready to string up and wear your pendant.

( Hand Drill Example: )

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