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◘ Beginner Basics & Knots:
Material: Six Stranded Embroidery Floss

You can use fewer colors by duplicating strands in the same color (OR) in order to make a larger bracelet you will need a larger pattern which utilizes more strings (which means more color) Here are some patterns:

This pattern:

Here's alternate patterns:


You will need 5 different colors cut 70 inches long and prepared in the usual fashion. (Fold them in half and making an overhand knot.)

Arrange Your Strings: 1 2 3 4 5 (middle) 5 4 3 2 1

Hint: Whichever strings are in the middle will be the first color to appear in your bracelet. Set them up accordingly and then follow the steps below.

☼ Step1

1. 5L fk over 5R (Join Middle)
2. 5R 3fk & 1 fk/bk
3. 5L 3bk & 1 bk/fk

☼ Step2

4. 5L fk over 5R (Join Middle)
5. 5L 1bk & 1bk/fk
6. 5R 1fk & 1fk/bk

☼ Step3

7. L5 fk over R5 (Join Middle)
8. L4 1fk
9. R4 1bk — then join with old L4 (Join middle)

☼ Step4

10. L2 1fk & 1fk/bk
11. R2 1bk * 1bk/fk

☼ Step5

12. 1L 1fk/bk
13. 1R 1bk/fk

☼ Step6

14. L3 2bk
15. R3 2fk

☼ Step7

16. L5 3bk & 1bk/fk
17. R5 3fk & 1fk/bk

18. Repeat from step #2

■ To repeat the pattern just complete steps 1-7 the first time and 2-7 each time after that!

NOTE: This pattern can be made with more than 5 colors(strings) if you wish. The pattern would need some tweaking, though.

Creative Ideas: Try using Gradient styled floss for a tye-dye effect or even try a monochrome version. You can also use colors that are in the same color family for a fading effect. So what are you waiting for? Get knotting!


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