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◘ Beginner Basics & Knots:
Material: Six Stranded Embroidery Floss

Reference Pattern:

This is bracelet #24 on

You need eight different strings (all different colors) 40" (inches) long. There is no folding in half for this bracelet. Tie the very tip and make a tie braid prior to starting your bracelet and another braid to finish (or) you can add crimp ends and a clasp.

■ USING FEWER COLORS: Yes, you can use 2 colors, 4 colors, 6 colors. Just use the "Color Guide" and write out your colors in the order you want to see them. (Number 1-8 with the color you want to see first, second, third, etc.) then use the " SET UP: 1 8 2 7 3 6 4 5 " to figure out the string order.

■ Picture of the set up for a 'Rainbow' pattern:

SET UP: 1 8 2 7 3 6 4 5

Color Guide:
1= red
2= orange
3= light orange
5= light green
6= dark green
7= blue
8= purple

To achieve the order you want try writing out numbers 1-8 and list the colors in the order you want them… then just set them up by matching the number/colors to the set up numbers.

The colors should be in order from 1-8 (first color you want to the last) and when you knot (even if the set up is all messed up looking) it should go down the list of colors you picked in the order you wrote them.

*Leave out the first and last string for all of the even numbered steps/rows.

1. BK/FK entire row
*2. FK entire row
3. FK entire row
*4. FK entire row
5. FK/BK entire row
*6. BK entire row
Repeat From Step 1

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