Making bracelets is my favorite kind of DIY. Tube Bracelets are fashionable and this DIY bracelet tutorial out of string shows how to make them at home — all we need for this bracelet DIY is a tube charm, beads and a string. These bracelets are easy, quick and simple to make, perfect for beginners and the final bracelet DIY, armband or arm candy is really cute and pretty. The bracelet making tutorial shows how to make a tube bracelet step by step. It only takes 15 minutes to make this adorable golden tube bracelet, which will spice up any outfit — an awesome DIY fashion! These easy DIY bracelets can also be a great gift for your friends, since everyone appreciates the time and effort you put into making a present yourself, especially if cute and colorful as these string bracelets. The bracelet looks especially cool if you layer several bracelets (stackable) made with different colors of knotting cord. You can also layer this dainty bracelet with other arm candy.

All you need to create this adorable bracelet is different colors (my bracelets were in blue, green, pink, lilac, orange and mint green) of knotting cord (2x 10 inches), golden tubes (1 per bracelet), golden beads (2 per bracelet) and some bracelet making tools which you can find at home (scissors, embroidery needle and a super glue or a lighter). After you thread the tube onto the string, the only thing left to do is a sliding closure. Similar as with my heart bracelets, I used the basic square knot technique to do this. Sliding closure will allow the bracelet to be adjustable in size, so you will be able to easily put it on and take it off your wrist or lend the bracelet to your friend. And there you have it, quick, simple and easy bracelet (arm candy, armband) DIY! Check out my Heart DIY bracelet:

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