Railroad Rainbow Loom Bracelet without Loom/ using 2 Forks

How to make a rainbow loom railroad bracelet without a loom/ using forks. FOLLOW ME! Instagram https://www.instagram.com/airatran/?hl=en Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/airatran/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Aira-Tran-626770837439664 Hi everyone, my name is Aira! Welcome to my YouTube channel! I love making DIY videos, also DIY Slimes, Squishies, Toys, Gifts, Life Hacks, […]

DIY CHARM BRACELTS | How to Make DIY Wrap Braided Charm Bracelets Tutorial ✨ Alejandra’s Styles

✨DIY Charm Bracelet Tutorial! How-to make a Braided Charm Bracelet DIY! ➊ http://www.facebook.com/AlejandraStyles ➋ http://www.twitter.com/AlejandraStyles ➌ http://www.instagram.com/AlejandraStyles ➍ [email protected] ❺ FAQ After you wrap it around your wrist, leave about 2 inches from both ends and tie them like a shoe lace.

DIY crafts: WATER BRACELETS “Galaxy” – Innova Crafts

DIY crafts: Water bracelets – Innova Crafts How to make water bracelets, very easy! ✂ MATERIALS: – Plastic tube 6mm Ø – Water – Glitter – Hot glue – Adhesive tape SUBSCRIBE FREE HERE: http://www.youtube.com/user/innovacrafts?sub_confirmation=1 FACEBOOK Innova Crafts: https://www.facebook.com/InnovaCrafts TWITTER: https://twitter.com/InnovaCrafts INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/innovacrafts Music: www.bensound.com